Plastic switch sleeper

plastic sleepers

Ever since it’s market introduction in 2006 the hybrid plastic switch sleeper has proven itself in over 23 locations in the Netherlands and abroad. The switch sleeper is approved by the Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail for use in the main track and is being installed as a substitute for traditional wooden bearers. KLP® Switch Sleepers have the same damping characteristics as wooden sleepers. This makes them suitable for 1:1 replacement of wood. An untreated oak sleeper has a life span of roughly 10 years. The expected life span of a plastic sleeper is 50 years, which makes it a good investment with low Life Cycle Costs.

railways sleepersTo achieve the required rigidity and strength the KLP® Switch Sleepers are reinforced with 4 steel reinforcement bars. The steel bars are completely encased and molded into the plastic. Lankhorst developed this patented process in-house.

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