Plastic sleeper

rail sleepers

By using an innovative design and advanced production technique, Lankhorst has succeeded in developing a hybrid plastic sleeper that is totally optimized for use in the main track. The sleeper is designed to maximize the lateral and longitudinal resistance in the ballast whilst using 30% less plastic than is used in the solid switch sleeper. This results in a lower price, lower transportation costs and an even lower carbon footprint. The plastic sleeper is thoroughly tested by the laboratory of the French national railway company SNCF as well as by the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The French railways have installed a 1 km test track to evaluate their in track performance.

railway sleeperTo achieve the required rigidity and strength the KLP® Main Track Sleepers are reinforced with 2 steel bars using an unique production process developed and patented by Lankhorst. The steel reinforcement bars are completely integrated and encased within the plastic during the molding process.

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