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The excellent damping characteristics combined with the relatively low weight make the Lankhorst hybrid plastic sleepers ideal for the use on (steel) bridges. Sound measurements performed on a steel railroad bridge by the Dutch engineering and consultancy firm Movares show a sound reduction of
3-5 dB after replacement of the wooden sleepers by plastic sleepers.

train sleepersLankhorst combines the KLP® Bridge Sleepers with 4 steel reinforcement bars to achieve the required rigidity and strength. This patented manufacturing process has been developed in-house. The steel reinforcement bars are completely integrated within the plastic during the molding process.

We offer solutions for ballasted bridges and steel girder based bridges. For steel girder based bridge we have 2 bridge sleeper types. One sleeper type can be alligned by packings, the other sleeper type can be milled to achieve the required allignment.

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