Lankhorst wins tender to supply polymer sleepers to KiwiRail New Zealand

- September 2019 - 

Lankhorst Engineered Products, manufacturer of KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers, has been awarded the tender to become the sole supplier of polymer sleepers for the duration of at least 3 years for KiwiRail in New Zealand. This is a significant breakthrough since the international market introduction of the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleeper in 2014, after it was already approved and in use in the Netherlands for over a decade. The main reasons for KiwiRail to choose KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers are the high quality combined with the long life time of the product. The polymer sleepers will be applied in main track and in turn outs.

The Australian and New Zealand agent for Lankhorst, Link Asia Pacific (LinkAP), a technology and marketing company based in Brisbane has introduced the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleeper products to the regional railway market. In recent years LinkAP and Lankhorst made joint presentations to various Australian and New Zealand track owners, operators and contractors. Various type approvals and test installations have now resulted in being awarded for this tender.

KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers are a sustainable and maintenance free alternative for wooden or concrete sleepers, turnout sleepers and bridge sleepers. All types have been specially engineered for their own application area, be it urban, regional or industrial railways. The sleeper is manufactured from a high quality, ductile polymer with steel bars encased, which provides both high strength & high impact resistance properties as well as excellent damping characteristics. The expected lifespan of the sleepers is more than 50 years, thus representing a good investment with low Life Cycle Costs. KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers furthermore contribute to substantial vibration and sound reduction.

The ban on creosote and restricted availability of hardwood were the main drivers for Lankhorst to develop a sleeper which is manufactured out of 100% recycled plastics as a sustainable and maintenance free alternative to timber sleepers. Since the introduction Lankhorst has supplied various types of hybrid plastic sleepers to several projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Gabon, Malaysia, Mexico and New Zealand as the latest addition.

Lankhorst Engineered Products, part of Royal Lankhorst Euronete, is a developer and manufacturer of large molded plastic products using recycled raw materials where this is technically feasible. The products are typically used in civil and construction engineering, infrastructure, offshore oil & gas exploration, poultry industry, transport & storage systems for heavy industry and many other industrial applications. The origins of Royal Lankhorst Euronete date back to 1803 when it was established on the exact same location in the Netherlands (Sneek) where the production facilities are still located today. Since Lankhorst produced its first plastic post through the process of intrusion in the ‘70s, many innovations have come to maturity. The newest innovation is the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleeper. Since 2012 Royal Lankhorst Euronete is part of WireCo WorldGroup, a worldwide leader in wire and synthetic rope manufacturing.

General Manager Sjouke Tjalsma, Technical Manager Aran van Belkom and Commercial Manager Stefan Hofman at the production facility in Sneek, the Netherlands.