HIRD Rail Services official service partner for KLP® Hybrid Plastic Sleepers in the UK


KLP® Hybrid Plastic Sleepers have been developed as an alternative to the creosoted oak, steel and concrete. These hybrid plastic sleepers have low Life Cycle Costs, good damping characteristics and at the same time high strength properties. They are extremely suitable for various applications world wide. Lankhorst started working with local service partners in order to further market this product. HIRD Rail Services is now the official partner for KLP® Hybrid Plastic Sleepers in the UK.


HIRD Rail Service is recognised as a leading specialist in track-related products and services. They believe in working in partnership with their customers and suppliers and are constantly innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of the rail industry to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. This approach has enabled HIRD to be in line with their customers’ needs so that they can respond rapidly with equipment, materials, service and advice.


Their involvement in the rail industry covers everything from the supply of new rail, permanent way, manufacturing insulated block joints and cable troughing systems. They are the official global reseller for USA based Fatigue Technology’s Railtec split sleeve cold hole expansion solution, which is proven to significantly diminish rail breakages, track-related incidents and derailments.


HIRD Rail Services is constantly focused on applying their knowledge and resources to deliver their expertise locally to customers - wherever they may need them.