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EBA approves KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers by Lankhorst

September 2017 - Following the approval of KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers for application in main track, turnouts and crossings, the German Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt, EBA) has now also approved the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleeper  HS Type 204 and KLP® Hybrid Polymer Machinable Bridge Sleeper Type 401. The sustainable KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers offer beneficial damping properties as well as optimum stiffness and will hold these properties during their long expected lifespan of over 50 years. Furthermore the polymer bridge sleepers contribute to substantial vibration and sound reduction.

Both the 204 and 401 sleeper types are ideal for girder based bridges in an offset situation. Type 204 allows for height differences between girders to be compensated, by using packings. Height differences when using Type 401 sleepers  can be compensated by milling, either in advance or on location.

The KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers are manufactured from a high quality, ductile, reinforced plastic with steel bars encased, this  provides both high strength properties as well as excellent damping characteristics. The expected lifespan of the polymer bridge sleepers is more than 50 years, and thus represents a good investment with low Life Cycle Costs.

Due to the select polymer types used in the sleepers, vibrations are absorbed and therefore noise is reduced. Measurements made by Movares showed a 3-5 dB noise reduction after timber sleepers were replaced by KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers on a steel girder based bridge.

Lankhorst has supplied hybrid polymer sleepers to several projects in The Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and Sweden.

Newsletter Royal Lankhorst Euronete - July

Opening Railcenter in Amersfoort

On Thursday the 15th of June the new Railcenter in Amersfoort (NL) opened its doors. The opening was conducted by State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure and Environment, Pier Eringa Director of ProRail, Director Willem Brummel and Chairman of the Board Bert Klerk of Railcenter. plastic sleepers

Railcenter is the place where all the knowledge and innovations of the railway industry meet. Professionals come here to train, to gather and share knowledge and to get new contacts. Through exhibitions, product presentations, experiences, training opportunities, tests and meetings, they stay informed about the rail industry.

Railcenter presented the KLP® Hybrid Plastic Sleeper for the first time on their demo site during this day, as a sustainable alternative to traditional wooden or concrete railway sleepers.