plastic railway sleepers
Plastic Railway Sleepers
Strong & resilient plastic railway sleepers that reduce sound? KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers offer the solution!

Plastic railway sleepers for bridges

plastic railway sleepers

Plastic railway sleepers are ideal for the use on (steel) bridges, due to the excellent damping characteristics and optimum stiffness combined with the relatively low weight. The selected types of plastics used for the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleeper ensure that vibrations are absorbed and therefore noise is reduced. During its long expected lifespan of over 50 years this virtually maintenance free plastic railway sleeper will retain these properties.

plastic railroad ties 

Sound & vibration reduction with plastic sleepers

Sound measurements performed on a steel girder based bridge by the Dutch engineering and consultancy firm Movares show a sound reduction of 3-5 dB after timber sleepers were replaced by KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers. They also reported that people living near the bridge experienced that the high tones, that people find most annoying, are damped away substantially. 

Plastic railway sleepers with patented steel reinforcemeplastic railway sleepernt

The plastic railway sleepers offer you good damping properties as well as optimum stiffness, due to the ductility of the plastic in combination with the strength of the steel. Lankhorst combines the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers with 4 steel reinforce-ment bars to achieve the required rigidity and strength. This patented manufacturing process has been developed in-house. The steel reinforcement bars are completely integrated within the plastic railway sleeper during the molding process.


Plastic railway sleeper types

We offer KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers for ballasted bridges as well as steel girder based bridges. The KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleeper type 401 is ideal for girder based bridges with canted conditions. They are suitable for an offset of 250mm width and axle loads up to 22,5 tonnes based on a railway sleeper thickness of 200mm. Height differences can be compensated by milling up to 25mm in advance or on location. KLP® Shims can be installed between the plastic railway sleeper and the base plate to fill out minor height differences. They are made from the same polymer material and are available in thicknesses of 2mm, 5mm and 10mm. We are here to advise you on the best solution for your track on a bridge.


Pre-drilling & mounting of the plastic railway sleepers

Lankhorst offers a pre-drilling and mounting service for faster installation on location. Whether you want pre-drilled railway sleepers on one or two sides or even if you require pre-mounting of baseplates.

Download brochure KLP® Hybrid Polymer Railway Sleepers

Request for pdf of the paper “RECYCLED PLASTIC RAILWAY SLEEPERS - Analysis and comparison of sleeper parameters and the influence on track stiffness and performance” by M.Sc.  Aran van Belkom, Technical Director at Lankhorst Engineered Products