• Plastic Sleepers 

    KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers are a sustainable and maintenance free alternative for wooden or concrete sleepers, turnout sleepers and bridge sleepers. The plastic railway sleepers have good damping characteristics and at the same time high strength and high impact resistance properties. The expected lifespan of the plastic sleepers is more than 50 years, thus representing a good investment with low Life Cycle Costs. Plastic sleepers furthermore contribute to substantial vibration and sound reduction.

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  • Recycled Plastic Sleepers  Main Track

    KLP® Hybrid Polymer Main Track Sleepers have been designed for longevity, not only to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, but also to maintain continous track stiffness. The innovative recycled plastic sleepers for main track have great lateral stability and vertical stability. The recycled plastic sleeper is manufactured from a high quality, ductile, reinforced plastic with two steel bars encased, which provides both high strength properties as well as excellent damping characteristics.

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  • Composite Turnout Sleepers 

    KLP® Hybrid Polymer Turnout Sleepers have damping characteristics that are comparable with those of wooden sleepers and have an expected life span of over 50 years. The elasticity of these composite sleepers provide good damping and reduces wear. The steel bars, that are completely encased within the composite sleeper, reinforce the turnout sleeper and optimize its stiffness.

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  • Plastic Railway Sleepers  Bridge

    KLP® Hybrid Polymer Bridge Sleepers are ideal for girder based bridges. These plastic railway sleepers contribute to substantial vibration and sound reduction. The plastic sleepers offer good damping properties as well as optimum stiffness, due to the ductility of the plastic in combination with the strength of the steel. The plastic railway sleepers keep these properties during its long expected lifespan of over 50 years.

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  • Composite Railway Sleepers 

    Composite railway sleepers are an excellent alternative for wooden or concrete sleepers. Advantages KLP® Hybrid Polymer Sleepers:
    - 50 year expected lifespan
    - Low Life Cycle Costs
    - Sustainable & Maintenance free
    - Excellent Damping & High Strength Properties
    - Sound & Vibration Reduction
    - High Lateral & Vertical Stability
    - High Chemical Resistance
    - Easy to install

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