recycled plastic sleepers
Recycled Plastic Sleepers
Sustainable alternative for timber sleeper & reduce Total Cost of Ownership? Choose KLP® Plastic Sleepers!

Recycled plastic sleepers for main track

recycled plastic sleepers


The KLP® recycled plastic sleepers for main track have been designed for longevity, not only to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, but also to maintain continuous track stiffness when used for interspersing with timber sleepers. The recycled plastic sleepers are ideal for selective replace-ment of timber sleepers as well as for use in areas where timber or concrete sleepers are not the most beneficial choice for your track. The KLP® Hybrid Polymer Main Track Sleeper has the best lateral and vertical stability in the market for plastic-type sleepers nowadays. The recycled plastic sleeper is manufactured from a high quality, ductile material with two steel reinforcement bars encased, which provides both high strength properties as well as excellent damping characteristics. During their long expected lifespan of over 50 years, the virtually maintenance free recycled plastic sleepers will retain these properties.

railway sleepers

Recycled plastic railway sleepers with an innovative design

By using an innovative design and advanced production technique, Lankhorst has succeeded in developing a recycled plastic railway sleeper that is totally optimized for use in the main track. The recycled sleeper is designed to maximize the lateral and longitudinal resistance in the ballast whilst using 30% less plastic than is used in a solid sleeper. The innovative recycled plastic sleeper has great lateral resistance due to the profiled bottom of the sleeper. It’s recessed design allows for the recycled sleeper to be completely embedded within the ballast, which provides excellent vertical stability against uplift.

recycled plastic railway sleepers

Unique steel reinforce-ment within the recycled plastic sleepers

To achieve the required rigidity and strength, the KLP® Hybrid Polymer Main Track Sleepers are reinforced with 2 steel bars using an unique production process developed and patented by Lankhorst. The steel reinforcement bars are completely integrated and encased within the plastic sleeper during the molding process.

Recycled plastic sleepers achieve sound & vibration reduction

Sound measurements performed by the Dutch engineering and consultancy firm Movares show substantial sound and vibration reduction in comparison to timber sleepers.


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Request for pdf of the paper “RECYCLED PLASTIC RAILWAY SLEEPERS - Analysis and comparison of sleeper parameters and the influence on track stiffness and performance” by M.Sc.  Aran van Belkom, Technical Director at Lankhorst Engineered Products