KLP®: sustainable recycled plastic solutions

People Profit PlanetSustainability is a subject that - for all good reasons - is getting more and more attention. Since 1975 Lankhorst are actively producing innovative products from recycled raw materials. From the very beginning we have vastly contributed to sustainability. Our method perfectly fits in with the People-Planet-Profit model whereby all three dimensions of this model are complied with in a practical way.


CO2 footprint of KLP® plastics

Bottle caps, crates and agricultural plastics are often regarded as waste streams, but are for us however, raw materials for making our high quality plastic products. By doing this, we prevent the CO2 emissions that you Footprint KLP Kunststofwould have if you would have to burn these waste streams. The CO2 footprint of our recycled KLP® plastics has therefore a value below zero, so this means a positive effect on the climate. This way, plastic waste finds a new and prolonged life as a sleeper, for example. And by the increase in the use of recycled plastic as an alternative to wood, less and less forests have to be cut. We can thus clearly kill two birds with one stone.